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Partners with you in selling your business and your business property!


If you’re a Seller . . .
We want to Sell Your Business QUICKLY at OPTIMUM WORTH

We ONLY Broker businesses and their Properties

  •  ASSESSMENT - We determine your business’ worth using PROVEN METHODS - Highly personal based on what’s important to you!  We analyze your operations and financials, apply current market indicators, and assess your good will value.

  • PREPARATION - Make your business more saleable and valuable by fixing problems in advance.  We’ll recommend what you need to change and what you don’t.

  • SERVICE/MARKETING - We only introduce your business to PRESCREENED BUYERS.  We custom package and market your business on web sites, newspapers, journals and customized target mailers.

  • CONFIDENTIAL HANDLING - For sellers and buyers, confidential handling is often crucial.  Buyers are screed for money, motivation and ability prior to identifying your business.

  • REAL ESTATE FLEXIBILITY - If real estate is involved, Larson Associates is fully able to meet your needs.

  • NEGOTIATING - We’ll guide you through the main terms and conditions of the deal.  Knowing your top 2-3 priorities and understanding the Buyer’s priorities are essential in coming to a satisfying agreement.

  • DUE DILIGENCE - The buyer can verify the key business financials, and you can check out the Buyer’s references, credit check, financials, etc.  Our years of discernment will help you in making this process as smooth as possible.

  • CLOSING CONDITIONS - A formal contract of sale, along with possible financing, lease, state license, inspection may need to be satisfied.  We’ll work with you, the Buyer, advisors and third parties to solve any obstacles as they arise.




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