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Partners with you in selling your business and your business property!


If you’re a seller...We want to Sell Your Business QUICKLY at OPTIMUM WORTH!

We ONLY Broker Businesses and their Properties.

We determine your business worth

  • Highly personal, based on what's
    important to you!
  • Analyze your operations & financials.
  • Apply current market indicators.
  • Assess your goodwill value.

Service Plus Marketing:

  • We only introduce your business to
  • We custom package and market your
    business on websites, newspapers,
    journals, and customized target mailers.


  • For sellers and buyers confidentiality
    is often required. We know how to do
    this from years of experience!

Flexibility with Real Estate:

  • If real estate is involved, Larson
    Associates is FULLY equipped to
    handle the transaction.

If you’re a business owner needing a BUSINESS APPRAISAL OR CONSULTING . . . .

Consulting and Comprehensive Reports:

  • We provide consultation services, as well as a customized valuation analysis report.
  • This report usually covers topics such as Market Value, Sales Scenario, Deal Structure, Reconstructed Income, Valuation, Rule of Thumb, and more.

If you’re a buyer . . . . We have HIGHLY EXPERIENCED, EXPERT REPRESENTATION ready to assist you!

Quality Businesses:

  • We provide the VARIETY of QUALITY BUSINESSES that match your interests, financial needs and goals.

The Right One for You

  • We’ll find the business that matches point for point with your INDIVIDUAL CRITERIA.

Transaction Guidance:

  • Each step of the way we are there to guide and help you through the
    transaction process of negotiation, financing, due diligence, possible licensing, and closing conditions.

Let’s Get Started!



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